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A word about all this rain - ENOUGH!

May 14th, 2013


Even as I sit here writing this, there's another line of red and yellow heavy rain on the radar making its was way east across northern Mississippi and Alabama. This is the coolest, wettest spring in memory. What's going on?  Even the mildew has mold growing on it!

It hasn't been a total washout, but if you're fishing anything like me, the water's been pretty much high and fast and muddy since the end of winter. The downside to this is (obviously) the fishing's been off this spring and really won't return to normal until we get some decently dry weather and regular rainfall and water levels.

So what can you do with the fish either scattered or chasing bait way back in the sloughs and flooded bushes? Plenty. 

Try some spring cleaning.  No, seriously.  When was the last time you cleaned your gear? Goo builds up on everything, even when you don't use it.  Check and strip your firearm actions, reels, cams, camo, hull, cables, battery terminals, etc.

Conduct a safety inspection.  If you're like me, your climbers and other stands are in the garage or shed collecting pollen and mud dauber nests.  Check for cracks in welds, frayed safety belts, bad buckles, that sort of thing.  And get some extra bolts for your climbers now for when you will need them then.

We can't undo this rain, but we can make the most out of it. All this liquid sunshine will make for a dandy food supply this fall, so get a jump on next season's hunting. Find the good places.  Scout more now, and you'll sweat less in July and August.


Everything's an opportunity.

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