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Pulling on our (heart) strings

May 29th, 2013


Pulling on our (heart) strings


If you've ever been in our store, you know we've got a lot of stuff for what you're doing.  Nobody's got a better selection of guns, rods, reels, tackle, camo, or sporting gear than we do. 

But what we started with - and what we're most passionate about - is archery.  Our in-house bow shop stocks the best names in the game, including Mathews, Mission, PSE, and Parker.

These bows are built with the latest and most bad-*ss technological and engineering advances available.  They're light, they're silent, and they'll blow through 300fps without breaking a sweat.  It's been a long time since a buck 'jumped the string' on one of our customers, and these bows are a big reason why. 

The team we've got in our pro-shop have all been bowhunting for years, and these guys know their stuff like you know the food plots on your lease.  They can set you up with the top of the line gear or troubleshoot and improve the rig you're currently shooting, no matter if it's compound, traditional, or a crossbow.  They're also pretty good guys - they're always ready to hang out and swap stories.  Even when they're getting paid by me.

So come see us now, and check out what we've got in archery, and in the rest of the store, too.  I can tell you by the time mid-July or August gets here, these guys will have their hands full between working and scouting and practicing. 


But then again, you should too.

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