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Up in arms over arms?

June 18th, 2013



As a shooter you've probably noticed that ammo is getting scarce and more expensive lately.  We have too - at the wholesale level, and up and down the supply chain.  We're seeing this locally, regionally and nationally too.  People are driving around the country hitting every mom and pop outdoor store looking for ammo… it's non-existent.

In fact, the shortage here is now affecting shooters across the world - (


There's all sorts of rumors and stories flying around the internet and other places about how the government is buying up millions of rounds for whatever reasons. Manufacturer Hornady recently said its "all fueled by rumors and conjecture." 

And there may be some truth to this, but there's also an understandable human reaction of folks grabbing what all they can, when they can, during a shortage, feeding the frenzy and driving up prices. 


Why is this really happening?  No one will answer the question.


We've come to know and trust and respect our customers over the years, and would to love to hear your thoughts on this matter.  Chime in here, or on our Facebook page, or drop me an email at and make your voice heard!


They're messing with your Second Amendment Rights already - don't let them take your First!

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